About Us

About Us

Welcome to ErickHurt.com–a site dedicated to helping you live a life of freedom in all areas of life, marital, sexual or financial!

This blog was born out of a life dominated by sexual immorality and bankruptcy, which lead to a marriage of deepest poverty. We’ve struggled for so many years in our marriage, but now we are walking in freedom from the things that once enslaved us! If someone told us we would one day be at new heights of love in our marriage, in financial control of our money, and would begin to help people struggling as we once did, we simply wouldn’t have believed it! 

You can read more of our story here.


We love helping others through teaching, speaking, disciplining and/or mentoring because it gives us great joy helping others. We have something to share and find it impossible to be silent. So in a nut shell, that’s why we write on this site–to help those we otherwise may never have been able to reach.

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Sylvia and I have been married for 30 years. The first 17 years were the toughest (not sure for who) but by the grace of God we survived! Sometimes we (still) look at each other in disbelief! We have enjoyed the last 13 years of our marriage with a greater appreciation and love for each other! We have 4 children, Anthony, Nicole, Aaron and Hannah and have recently become empty nesters.

You can read more about my wife Sylvia here.


Erick: I make my living as a full-time fireman with the Bullhead City Fire Department. I worked as a volunteer for Setting Captives Free ministry as a mentor and mentor coordinator helping people become freed from the grip of pornography. I lead youth group for Calvary Chappell Bullhead City and had the privilege of speaking at youth camps locally in Arizona, and in California.

Sylvia: I make my living as a nurse for Beacon of Hope Hospice in Bullhead City. I lead youth group with Erick and had the privilege of speaking to girls about how waiting for the right man brings about a dynamic marriage, as opposed to doing it your own way which brings a life of regret.

We teach a 5 week marriage class in our home where we teach couples to live out their “one flesh” union in sexual purity and financial freedom! We attend Family Bible Church in Kingman Az. Click here to visit our church web page.


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