Romance Tips

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Romance Tips

Simple romance (easy stuff)

  • A note
  • A flower
  • A letter
  • A back rub (with no strings attached) You know what I mean!
  • Help with chores around the house (vacuum, dishes, kids homework, etc.)
  • Listening
  • Holding (hands off!)
  • Kissing (on the neck, cheek, forehead, with no strings attached) HANDS OFF!

*Do not expect anything in return

Easy romance (requires a little more thought)

  • Take a trip to the hills in your pickup truck (borrow one if necessary). Take a couple of blankets, pillows, strawberries and something to drink. Enjoy the beautiful star filled sky with your lover (don’t expect anything in return).
  • Decorate the dining area (while she’s away) with flowers, a nice table cloth, a candle or two, and some of those little hearts, flowers and, “I love you” decorations that come in those little bags at the store (usually in the craft area). Make a dinner you know she loves and enjoy watching her smile (don’t expect anything in return).
  • Make something with your hands, be creative. Make a paper flower, then color it with crayons. For the stem get some bailing wire and form it yourself. Paint the stem (allow to dry) then attach your flower to the top. Make the bottom of your stem in the shape of a heart so it can stand up.
  • Take her out for dinner, but get it to go. While the two of you are out, have the kids (or a friend) decorate the table for two with something similar to the dinner above. When you come home, the kids (not your friends) are in the room watching a movie and the two of you can enjoy your dinner. This takes great planning and coordination. But then sit back and enjoy her smile and thankful heart. 

Extreme romance (requires multiple people for assistance)

  • Your home becomes a restaurant. Items needed are the items above plus a card table and a menu (make a menu on your computer, be creative).  This is very similar to the idea above with a twist and works best if  your children are old enough to help. Instead of bringing your dinner home or making it yourself, you walk the children through the steps of preparing the meal (or friends if children are to small or non existent). Ok so here we go! You and your wife are heading to dinner and pretend you forgot something at the house (forgot your wallet or something. I don’t encourage anyone ever to lie, but this time is ok) As soon as you leave the house the children spring into action. They set up the card table in the middle of your living area and use a sheet or blankets to block the view of the kitchen. As you walk up to the front door (remember you forgot your wallet so you are returning home) the children answer the door and say “welcome to our restaurant.” They bring you to the table that they set up in the living room and seat you. While you are enjoying her company and laughing at the menu you created on your computer, the children are cooking in the kitchen. After about 5 minutes one of the children comes out to take your order and when the meal is ready serves the meal as if at a real restaurant. This takes great effort and planning but the reward of watching your wife smile and appreciate what you have done are totally worth every drop of sweat from coordinating such an event. 

Come up with your own ideas or revise the ones written above. Anything you can think of to serve her, and make her happy. These simple things show her how much you care. Actions do speak louder than words. Remember, in all of this, do not expect anything in return.

Author: Erick Hurt

​From a slave to sin–to freedom in Christ (Galatians 5:1). From an abusive husband verbally and physically–to loving my wife as Christ loved the church (Ephesians 5:25). Now an Elder at Family Bible Church, I speak, teach, and preach with the same passion I once had for sin. I work as a volunteer for Setting Captives Free ministry as a mentor and mentor coordinator helping people become freed from the grip of sin. Visit

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